Become a Shaker

A collage of photos of some recent Premier Protein shakers.

Let’s shake things up together!

Premier Shakers are a community of Premier Protein super fans who love sharing their passion for our products with their friends + family. If this sounds like you, apply for our Premier Shakers program!

We send our Shakers products + swag, and they post about us on their social channels.

Each Premier Shaker joins a community of friends that will cheer you on and support your health journey. Plus, you will get to inspire and encourage others!

What you’ll receive:

  • Free product
  • Fun swag
  • VIP access to product releases, experiences, and promotions

What we’ll ask of you:

  • Post about Premier Protein monthly on your social channels and spread the love to your friends + family!

Fill out the brief application below if you’re interested in becoming a Premier Shaker. If you’re selected, we will follow up with more information on this exciting opportunity to be an extension of our team.

Must be 18 or older to join the Premier Shaker program
Must have a public Instagram handle in order to participate.

Your privacy is important to us.